A Wyler Vetta like this has never been seen before.
Wyler Vetta is the protagonist of an original and exciting project, developed by Domenico Principato, professor of the Computer Graphic Course at the Biennium of Fashion & Textile Design, at NABA (THE New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan.
A-seventy-hours intense and exciting course, a journey to discover, lesson after lesson, the values of the brand and the milestones of its history, in addition to the most representative collections and the peculiarities of each watch presented to the students.

Information and ideas were shared to deeply understand the brand and get the right inspiration for the creation of the digital content of the course.

Being able to transmit the values of a brand and to enhance its characteristics, perhaps associating it with new contexts and moods that are not immediately attributable to it; being able to reinterpret it through new techniques and styles... All very debated and current topics, which anyone wanting to work in the creative or communication sectors, sooner or later must face.
Why not put the guys to the test by giving them a concrete project? I thought it would be much more interesting and useful to learn how to apply their skills and creativity in a real context, confronting a typical work situation.
Domenico Principato
The project
Students have worked along two parallel strands: a photographic and a graphic one.

Wyler Vetta has never been represented with such a contemporary look and that fits it perfectly. Free to express their creativity and with no influences, students did an amazing job, producing more than 150 contents: shots and graphics that highlight the up-to-the-minute style of the brand: the product, the finishing and also the logo itself have been studied and re-worked.
Maybe involving a real brand. And not an unknown brand; Wyler Vetta has a long history and a tradition well rooted also in the minds of Italian consumers, with a very well defined identity and position in the market. This made the guys’ task far more challenging. At the same time, the result obtained has been above any expectation.
Domenico Principato